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Describes different methods to get rid of Mice Infestation

Mouse Deterrent

mouse deterrentOften mice affect households every single day by simply getting in and causing a disturbance. Wild mice carry diseases and can often lead to illness which is not something anyone wants especially if children are living in the household.

While using poison seems like a good idea to eliminate them from your home, often it isn’t. Poison will kill the animal yet finding the animal may be a different story as mice often find somewhere hidden away before dying. A dead mouse can smell which is extremely unpleasant; especially in your home. This is why some people opt for natural remedies at eliminating mice, it doesn’t kill the animal, just deters it from your home.

Mouse Deterrent Recommendations

Some good mouse deterrents include peppermint oil. This is a very useful aid in deterring any kind of rodent from your property as the smell is so strong and it is far too deep for any kind of rodent to withstand. Peppermint oil can also keep your home smelling fresh. The easiest way to do this is to put a few drops of it onto cotton balls and place them in areas where mice are likely to get in, yet are also inconspicuous so visitors don’t notice them either.

Another way of keeping mice out of your home for good or to stop them getting in altogether is to seal areas you know they could get in through. A good way to board up a small hole created by whatever, is with plaster for a long time job that won’t need to be done again.

One of the best and proven ways of mouse deterrent is by buying a plug in. These plug ins send out a noise at a frequency not heard to us humans, yet to a mouse it is extremely unsettling and you will be mouse free from then on! This can purchased for about $25 and it is a worthy investment for a mouse free home.

Kill Mice in House

Kill MiceMice are pests to anyone who is unlucky enough to encounter an infestation and often it can be a difficult decision when choosing how to exterminate them. There are more pricier options such as professional extermination and more cost friendly options such as killing them with traps and bait.

Depending on where the infestation is depends on which traps to buy and while traps would be most successful. Overall, there are many different types of trap and I’m going to try and help you choose by explaining the most popular options.

How to Kill Mice Outside Your Home

Outdoor rodent prevention methods don’t necessarily kill the animal. Mainly they give the animal somewhere more pleasurable to live so they don’t need to intrude in your home. This is ok, but you may find you attract more rats and worsen your own problem.

A way to kill mice though with outdoor methods is by purchasing the product ‘Sweeney’s Mice Killer’ or something similar to it such as ‘Contrac’. These mice killers are a wax based outdoor rodent feed which kills the animal dead in one feeding making it extremely toxic. If you have children then you may choose to not do this as you could harm them as well. Before putting poisonous bait down for the rodents make sure there are no other competing food sources or your efforts may be wasted.

How to Kill Mice Inside the House

How to kill mice indoors can be just as difficult for homeowners as often the word kill is the optimal word. The most popular form of indoor mouse prevention methods is snapping mouse traps. Often these don’t kill on contact, they make the animal suffer but if they do kill on contact it can be humane and an effective way of clearing a mouse infestation. The traps can come in all shapes and sizes and often bait is used on the trap to lure the mouse in.

One of the things that homeowners don’t enjoy by using indoor mouse traps to kill is the removal of the dead mice, this has to be done extremely well otherwise you and your family could contract disease from the rodents.

Mice Repellent

Mice are intruders in our home, they carry diseases which can often be fatal. When we think about home security we often think of security against human criminals, we don’t always think about the mice out there who want to use our homes as sanctuary and during that time infect it too. So let’s discuss Mice Repellent and its uses.

Overall every single year we spend millions on home security systems to help keep our homes safe and our own. So next time you are buying home security system against humans, make sure you purchase some home security system against rodents too.

Mice RepellentMice enjoy dark and dingy corners of homes and garages. They enjoy garages most as often these places are untidy and often filled with boxes and a box provides a rodent their perfect home. A good way to repel mice from your home and garage is to keep the area generally tidy and clean, a sanitary home is a rodent free home. If you provide a rodent a home, they will live there. If you provide an unwelcoming home to a rodent, this will work as a natural mice repellent.

You may have already encountered a mouse infestation and are now wondering how to repel them or lure them away from your home. One way of making your home unpleasant to mice or rats but extremely pleasant to you is to place eucalyptus in the cupboards.

Natural Mice Repellent

Eucalyptus is a natural mice repellent, meaning if you decide not to hurt any of the mice when getting rid of them this is the choice for you. It also smells lovely and can make your home fresher.

If you are suffering from an extremely bad rodent infestation, you may need to take more desperate measures and call an exterminator. Mice hide themselves and can be extremely difficult to catch yourself. This may be expensive to call an exterminator but if you weigh up the cost of hospitalizing yourself through food poisoning due to the infestation, you’d be better off paying for the extermination. This is not exactly a mice repellent, more of a permanent mice execution but your safety should come first.

 if you have more questions about Mice Repellent, please ask any time.

Get Rid of Mice

Get Rid of Mice in Your HomeMice are one of the most annoying pests that can end up in our home. House mice can live and operate in many different conditions in homes. They often survive off of food meant for people and our pets. The worst part is that they can make us sick by contaminating food preparation surfaces with their feces. They also like to chew on and damage structures and homes so getting rid of them is very important. So in this article we will discuss ways of how to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

Steps used to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

Controlling and Preventing a Mice infestation

In order to control and keep mice from entering your home, you should keep your house sanitary and clean. Clean up food scraps and wipe surfaces down with a cleaner. If you already have a mouse infestation in your home, you are going to need to get rid of them by techniques such as trapping and poisoning.

To Get Rid of Mice in Your Home might be not an easy task. Depending on the severity of the mice infestation, consider buying the amount of mouse traps you think you will need. It’s a good idea to place the mouse traps in areas where you see mice feces and areas you think the mice have been. Avoid putting it in areas where your pets or people might accidentally step on them (ouch!). The best place is usually against the walls or under low sheltered areas. When cleaning up dead mice, make sure you use gloves to protect from illnesses mice may cause.

Wild Mice will eat almost anything but they love cereal, seeds, and sweets. Mice are very attracted to eating stored grains and seeds so make sure you have any such foods stored and sealed tightly. House mice will most definitely eat anything they can get to so all food must be routinely stored in a safe place to keep them from coming in your home. If you come across anything you think a mouse has gotten into, it is very important to throw it away.

Mice can fit through spaces as small as a dime. In order to prevent them from infesting your home, plug and seal all holes that look like a possible entryway for a mouse. Check the outside walls, windows, cracks, holes, and little spaces and fill them in.


If you choose to use poison to get rid of mice, keep them away from anywhere a child, pet, or any other thing you don’t want to harm can get to. I recommend using poisons only as a last resort because you will have mice dieing everywhere, even in places you don’t know about which will leave you with rotting smells and odors from decomposing mice. If traps don’t work for you, consult an exterminator before going the poison route.

We hope you now know the ways of how to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home.