Get Rid Of Rats

Get Rid Of RatsFirst, let’s discuss a few reasons why we need to Get Rid of Rats in our home as soon as possible:

  • Rats are dangerous
  • Rats are dirty
  • Rats and their fleas can carry disease
  • Rats will leave droppings in your home
  • Rats are more active at night
  • Rats can destroy things in your home
  • Rats can ruin your food
  • And rats can start electrical fires

Eliminating rats requires a two way approach… And This Is How To Get Rid Of Rats:

  • By Blocking Their Access To Your Home
  • Catching rats In The Land Around Your Home

In order to stop rats getting into your home you need to work from the outside. This is much more effective than trying to prevent access from inside your home.

So what do you need to look for and do in order to Get Rid Of Rats?

  • Start by keeping your garbage as far from your building as possible. Try not to leave garbage bags exposed on the ground, always make sure your bags are in trash cans/wheelie bins! Accessible garbage is probably the most common reason for attracting rats in the first place.
  • If you have trees next to your home, cut away any branches that touch the building. Especially if they could give the rodents easy access to the roof.
  • Check the base of your property for any openings, rats can get through even the smallest of holes! Block any holes with solid rigid metal sheets. openings well above the foundation of your home need to be blocked also!
  • Do not Leave pet food outside, if your pet doesn’t eat it the rats will have it. Rats and mice will also feed from bird feeders!
  • Ensure any external vents are properly screened off. When blocking holes and securing vents – do so in the afternoon as any rats will be out of your home by then. These things are the start of how to get rid of rats!

Get Rid Of Rats – Catching

You should only use poison if you can be 100% certain that no children or pets will come into contact with it! And if you do use poison the huge downside is that the rat or rats could die anywhere – In hard to reach areas, In a hidden place or even worse inside your home! If a poisoned rat dies in the cavity of a wall, you won’t know until you smell it!

Traps are the safest way to Get Rid Of Rats! The best bait for trapping a rat is generally considered to be strong smelling foods like peanut butter and bacon – things like this. I would recommend peanut butter to get rid of rats.

To use traps you must be patient! Rats are extremely perceptive and get to know their surroundings. So a trap appearing would arise a rodents suspicion, and it would tend to shy away from it even with the bait, patience is a must to get rid of rats.

Successful ways of trapping rats include leaving bait with the trap unset! When the rat investigates, contact with the trap will not result in a negative experience, thus resulting in the rat being more bold next time!

Rats run along the edges of it’s environment, alongside hedges and fences etc. Try to place traps along the routes that rats would travel, a key for catching rats.

Once trapped we recommend humanly destroying rats. Placing the trap in a bucket of water to drown it is probably the best all round method of killing trapped rats!

Wash hands thoroughly with soap after coming into contact with rats!

Get Rid Of Rats - What Traps Are Best?

There are lots of different traps available on the market for catching rats today. So which are the best ones? Well there are the ever popular, and highly recommended, traditional “snap traps”. The “snap trap” will kill rats and mice instantly and are therefore very popular!

How to get rid of rats, catching rats, getting rid of rats

There are traps that keep rats hidden and free you – the trapper – from contact with them, they are generally referred to as “no see” traps. An ideal solution for most whose stomach’s turn at the thought of rats, let alone having to find a way of getting rid of rats.

Catching Rats, Here’s the Scenario…

  1. Catching rats, you or a family member think they see movement, or indeed directly see a rat.
  2. Catching rats, bin bags/liners have holes or tears in.
  3. Catching rats, pets dogs are sniffing around the corners of your gardens, and or barking in the house at the doors, usually in the evening.

All three are signs that you may have a problem, and you need to take action and get rid of it/them by catching rats using the methods highlighted on this sight.

Overview for catching rats

rat trapPlace traps along the most likely routes traveled by rats. Be patient, patience is key to catching rats. If your trap doesn’t kill the rat, you know what to do. Use gloves when handling caught rats and used traps. I would avoid using poison to catch rats. So you know what to do if you suspect you need to get rid of rats, its not a nice problem and its a huge relief once you’ve sussed out how to catch rats and taken action for getting rid of rats.

Catch a rat or two and that’s it right, problem solved?

Not necessarily, unfortunately rats leave pheromone tracks that other rats may be attracted to. Also rats can reproduce up to ten times a year. Getting rid of rats can become a bit of a struggle! But if you take the preventative measures recommended in the first section of this site and be patient, you will get rid of the rats.

So make entry to your property as difficult as possible and make sure there is no food outside to catch the attention of these rodents. Set some traps along potential routes taken, catching rats and disposing of them will prove to be a strong enough deterrent in the long run for getting rid of rats.

Your Feedback Is Wanted

Do you have any advice, hints or tips from your own experiences with catching rats that you will share? If there is something you think would help in getting rid of rats let us please let us know, Thank You.